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An Infinity Dress is an unrivalled convertible dress. The epitome of ladies fashion, our convertible dresses offer quality combined with style and comfort. The Infinity Dress offers versatility and can be worn for all types of occasions such as weddings, for bridesmaids, birthday parties, a girls get-together, office parties and any other special celebration.

All colours are unique, as you are able to express how you feel to the world through the colour of your Infinity convertible dress. Today we're looking at the most elegant colours for your convertible dress, which are a must-have for your wardrobe. Here are the top six colours to be seen in.

1. Black Long Infinity Dress, Wedding Dress Convertible, Floor Length.

Black is the universal colour and what can be better than one black dress with many options? This black Infinity dress is suitable for all occasions. You can create infinite styles with this convertible dress. Itís very fashionable, yet very elegant allowing you to express yourself at a wedding or at a casual beach party! It all depen

Infinity Dress